Eat Vegan Roc

Here are some great restaurants to eat vegan in Rochester!

100% Vegan Restaurants

The Red fern is a delicious, all-vegan restaurant downtown.

Natural Oasis is a yummy Ethiopian restaurant that is all-vegan as well.

Misfit Doughnuts is a doughnut and dessert place that’s really good. They’re all vegan, but they only serve desserts, and they generally sell out by around noon. We recommend checking their Instagram before going to see what flavors they have and whether they’ve sold out.


Restaurants with Vegan Options

Owl House is more upscale, but they have both vegan and non-vegan options.

Swillburger offers both vegan and non-vegan options, and is attached to an arcade. It’s a great place to go to hang out and have snacks and milkshakes!

Pi Craft now offers vegan cheese for no extra charge!

Carrot Company offers yummy vegan carrot dogs!

Amaya is a yummy Indian restaurant with a vegan menu!

Pizzeria FAVO has the option of vegan cheese!

Stromboli’s usually has vegan cheese for both pizza and strombolis.

Scratch Bakeshop offers both traditional and vegan baked goods!

Get Caked offers both vegan and traditional baked goods as well!

Hedonist ice cream is really good! Their dark chocolate sorbet is to die for, and it’s vegan!

Balsam Bagels has delicious bagels, and they offer vegan cream cheese as well as some vegan baked goods!

Voula’s is a greek restaurant that offers a vegan lunch special!

Thali of India has a lunch buffet daily, and the vegan options are always plentiful and clearly marked.

Naan-tastic is a counter-service Indian restaurant, serving vegan naan as well as having many vegan options which are clearly marked.

Thai Mii Up is a Thai restaurant with two locations that offers a vegan menu.

Roll’n’Yen serves Thai fried ice cream and offers a selection of non-dairy ice cream bases.

Cinelli’s Pizza Ristorante offers a full vegan menu.

John’s Tex Mex has a vegan dinner special, as well as several vegan proteins allowing most menu items to be veganized.

  • Zemeta

Zemeta Ethiopian Restaurant has a fully vegan buffet on Friday and Saturday.